Scrub A Dub Maids Services

Here at Scrub A Dub Maids Service in St. George UT, we pride ourselves on our high quality, affordable and all inclusive maid services. Each Scrub A Dub Maid service includes top-to-bottom cleaning. All services include extensive checklists, highly trained and certified maids, quality control walk-throughs, custom plans perfect for your lifestyle. We ensure trained cleaning practices to give you quality. We want your experience to be exceptional so you continue ordering our services, which is important to us. No job is so difficult that we cannot bring out the luster and shine back into your counter tops, appliances, wood furniture, baseboards, cabinets, showers, basins, toilets, mirrors, windows, blinds, etc. With our cutting edge technology, product research, extensive training and top notch customer service throughout the St, George UT area, we're confident we will far exceed any experience you've previously had with a maid/cleaning service. If you've never experienced the luxury of a maid service let us show you Scrub A Dub Maids high quality cleaning services today.

Services starting as low as $30!

- Commercial & residential cleaning service fully customizable plans

- New construction stage 1 rough clean, stage 2 midway clean and stage 3 sales/final clean included.

- Move in/out cleaning includes 100 point checklists.

- Appliance cleaning - interior and exterior

- Weekly & monthly maid service fully customizable plans

- Windows & blinds are one of the many a la carte items available to fit your lifestyle

- And much more…

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